Know what is going on in your workplace by contacting the Drug & Alcohol Testing Network to customize a plan to test for drugs and alcohol onsite. Not happy with your current testing? If you’re an employer that is substance-free on a voluntary or legally mandated basis, we’ll work with you to create customized, regulatory-compliant testing.

The Drug & Alcohol Testing Network provides DOT and NON-DOT Drug and Alcohol testing for per-employment, reasonable suspicion, return to duty, post-accident, school, and probation. We also provide random testing services to keep your workplace safe and protect your business against lawsuits from drug and alcohol related injuries.

We also provide DOT and NON-DOT reasonable suspicion training, supervisor training, along with other training programs for to help you understand what you can and can’t do in DOT and NON-DOT situations to protect you and your employees.

Some of the training we provide are mandated by DOT regulations while other training can help empower your management team to recognize and follow policy when an employee is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Our training programs are delivered at your location and can potentially save you millions in legal liability. Some of our training programs certifications can save you money on workman’s compensation insurance depending on your state.

The Drug & Alcohol Testing Network is based out of Bismarck, ND but we travel all over the United States to provide our testing and training services to companies large and small. We are a veteran owned business and a proud member of the Bismarck/Mandan Chamber of Commerce. If you have the need for testing, training or want to learn more about starting a drug and alcohol policy in your workplace, please contact the Drug & Alcohol Testing Network at 701-527-8441.